Bohemian glass

Since ancient times, the production of Bohemian glass and jewelry for the Czech Republic has become not only a traditional craft, but also a hallmark of the country. Thanks to its amazing decorative features and high quality, glass has become known throughout the world.
Master Müller managed to melt glass of amazing purity and transparency, so thanks to him the famous «Bohemian glass» appeared. Soon all of Europe learned about the latest technology. Bohemian glass is magical and extraordinarily beautiful. Its colors, the play of colors and shades, transparency and purity are very impressive. Masters created tableware of rare elegance: glasses, wine glasses, wine glasses, tea sets and much more.
Glass production in the Czech Republic developed rapidly. Small workshops grew into industries employing 50 people. Exclusive glass products began to take pride of place at royal feasts. When the glass industry in the Czech Republic began to use melting furnaces, the cost of the «Bohemian miracle» on decreased and not only royalty could afford it.
The most original example of the craftsmen’s work can be called a «two-wall» — two parts were made from transparent glass with the same cut. After grinding, they fit perfectly into one another. Then a thin gold foil was inserted between them and the parts were connected together, resulting in an interesting decor. In the 19th century, Bedrich Egermann discovered a new technology for the production of colored glass.
Currently, manufacturers cherish the old traditions. The grinding of crystal is still done by hand. Also at present, made according to sketches of the 19th-20th centuries, are popular. table sets hand-gilded, cut or cut. Bohemian glass adds chic to ceremonial dinner sets.
The Czech «miracle» combines: design based on classics and perfect taste. It will take pride of place in every interior and will be appreciated not only by the older generation, but also by young people.

A set of crockery or Czech Bohemian glass jewelry, which combines the centuries-old traditions of craftsmen and modern design, will not only be a wonderful gift, but also an example of exceptional taste. This gift will not only please you, but with every touch of the high art of the great masters, it will evoke unique feelings of pride.

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