Monetization YouTube

Monetization (from the word “coin”) is the process of turning a non-commercial project into a commercial one. The process is complex and requires care, ingenuity and patience. If we start from this definition, then monetization on YouTube is the transformation of a non-profit hobby, a hobby into something that can generate income.

Most likely, half of the inhabitants of our planet do not even suspect that the YouTube platform is not just a platform where you can find something interesting, exciting, educational to watch, but also an excellent opportunity for self-realization and earnings.

So, YouTube video monetization is about showing, displaying ads on your videos. It is important to understand that YouTube and the advertisers who come to the platform do not pay for youtube watch hours, but for the ad views on those videos. In other words, there are just video views, and there are commercial views. Commercial views can be considered as those in which an advertisement was viewed and the advertiser’s goal was achieved. This can be either a time period of the video itself or a click-through to a link to an advertised product.
The more commercial views your videos have, the more earnings you earn per views.

Earnings on YouTube depends primarily on the size of your channel and how authoritative you are in the eyes of your viewer, whether your opinion and experience are valuable to the audience, whether you are interesting to the advertiser.

Let’s highlight 2 types of monetization:
affiliate program,
direct advertising sale.

Thanks to the YouTube affiliate program, ads on your channel will be shown according to internal processes and algorithms (which the platform activates within a particular channel, and which you yourself can influence in the settings). Or the advertiser himself will come to YouTube, set up targeting for advertising his product or service, and your channel will be among those on which impressions will be shown.

The following types of advertising exist on YouTube:
display ads,
skippable video ads,
non-skippable announcements,
splash ads.
When setting up monetization, you can choose the types of ads that you would like to be shown on your videos.

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